After the flood and flash flood disaster that killed 2 people in Southeast Aceh Regency (Agara), […]
In collaboration with TDMRC USK < UII Communication Science Study Program, and Aceh Documentary, PRISB USK held a Film Screening and Movie Talk.
Banda Aceh – The Research Center for Socio-Cultural Sciences (PRISB) of Syiah Kuala University (USK) initiated […]
Bandung, 13 April 2023 –  Universitas Syiah Kuala (USK) research team led by Prof. Syamsidik and […]
Banda Aceh – dr. Ichsan as the coordinator of the Health Crisis and Pandemic Management Cluster […]
Aceh Besar, October 25, 2022 – The USK research team held an SG Evanami Socialization which […]
TDMRC Conducts Public Lectures and Signings Cooperation with Class IV Climatology Station Aceh
Banda Aceh – As a follow-up to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding or MoU […]
TDMRC hosted Professor Hermann M Fritz as a Visiting Professor under World Class Professor Program 2022
Tsunami and Disaster Mitigation Research Center (TDMRC) of Universitas Syiah Kuala (USK) hosted Prof Hermann M […]
Fastana Action For Ecosystem Based Economic Development 5
Aceh Besar – FASTANA-TDMRC Universitas Syiah Kuala, continues the fastana action for Ecosystem based Economic Development […]
Trials of Processing Food based on Mangrove Flour
Aceh Besar – FASTANA-TDMRC Universitas Syiah Kuala, carried out the trial agenda for making food from […]
Banda Aceh – FASTANA-TDMRC Universitas Syiah Kuala held a Disaster Evacuation Drills at SD N. 15 Tibang. […]