TDMRC USK Conducts Consecutive Surveys on Causes of Flash Floods in Southeast Aceh

TDMRC researcher discuss with BPBD Southeast Aceh

After the flood and flash flood disaster that killed 2 people in Southeast Aceh Regency (Agara), the Disaster Mitigation Center (TDMRC) of Universitas Syiah Kuala (USK) conducted a survey to assess the causes of flash floods and overflows in Southeast Aceh Regency.

The survey was conducted on December 3-6, 2023, involving researchers from various divisions at TDMRC USK, including the Hydrometeorological Disaster Research Division, Disaster Risk Management Division, Disaster Education Division, and Human Security Division.

Lawe Bulan River Condition

Data was collected in several locations that were hit by flash floods and overflow floods in November. Based on the results of the interim review, the TDMRC survey team said that one of the triggers for the overflow floods was the morphological condition of the Lawe Bulan River, which had narrowed, silted up and eroded. However, flash floods are triggered by the steep and landslide-prone morphology of the upstream river.

Dr. Saumi Syahreza, Coordinator of the Hydrometeorological Disaster Research Division, said that the team found the combination of heavy rains and landslides in mountain river channels to be the main cause of flash floods in two locations, namely Semadam Sub-district (13/11) and Bukit Tusam Sub-district (13/11). The survey also collected qualitative information on the conditions of local communities facing floods during the emergency response, pre-disaster and recovery processes. The results of this survey will continue to be reviewed and scrutinized by the research team at TDMRC to produce technical or policy recommendations in Southeast Aceh in the future