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An earthquake measuring 9.1 – 9.3 on the Richter scale shook the seabed in the southwest part of Sumatera, up to 20 – 25 KM offshore.

Earthquake epicenter

Approximately 149 KM west of Meulaboh, Aceh, due to the interaction of the Indo – Australian and Eurasia plates.

Tsunami waves

With a wave speed almost 360 KM per hour,  the height of the Aceh Tsunami is almost estimated reach 30 meters.

Infographic of the 2004 tsunami incident

There are 14 other countries affected. Among them are Somalia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Maladewa

In total, it is estimated that 230.000 people were victims of this disaster in all affected countries

Losses due to the Tsunami Aceh reached tens of trillions (IDR) 

Every 26 December, commemorates the tsunami disaster in Aceh 


The 2004 earthquake and mega-tsunami disaster devastated almost the entire Aceh Province. Hundreds of thousands of lives were lost when this incident struck. The loss of property and loved ones certainly leaves a sadness that is difficult to forget.

Therefore, to commemorate the twentieth year of the mega-tsunami in December 2004, USK—will organize various activities to provide information and education to the local community.

Series of Events


PIC: Dr. Rina Suryani Oktari, S.Kep., M.Si

Timeline: January – October 2024


An earthquake with a magnitude of 9.2 on the Richter scale on December 26 2004, caused changes in base deformation and faults along 1200 km stretching from Aceh to Andaman. The dynamics and challenges faced in rebuilding settlements, hospitals, schools and other infrastructure while empowering survivors to rebuild their future and develop their livelihoods provide important insight into the recovery process after the 20-year tsunami in Aceh. The aim of the recovery assessment is to identify the achievements and challenges of the long-term recovery process after the 20-year tsunami in Aceh, as well as provide strategic recommendations to improve recovery efforts towards sustainable resilience.

The 16th Aceh International Workshop and Expo on Sustainable Tsunami Disaster Recovery (AIWEST-DR 2024) and 7th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Indonesian Disaster Experts Association (PIT-IABI)

PIC: Dr. Haekal Haridhi

Timeline: November, 2024

Venue: AAC Dayan Dawood

AIWEST-DR is an annual routine activity held starting in 2016 as a forum for disseminating findings and research results in disasters. This activity is a means of assessing scientific methods, generating and disseminating scientific knowledge, exchanging ideas and information freely, respecting the diversity of ideas and approaches, maintaining public accountability, achieving excellence and integrity, and presenting accurate, peer-reviewed and reputable science. It is hoped that 3 keynote speakers and 9 invited speakers can contribute to this activity. Apart from presenting resource persons, TDMRC, as the organizer or implementer of the activity, will propose special publication issues in reputable international journals, indexed proceedings and accredited national journals. The aim of AIWEST-DR activities is to facilitate strengthening partner networks in the disaster sector to produce strategic communication in the exchange of ideas, information and diversity. The 16th AIWEST-DR activity will be held at AAC Dayan Dawood USK in Banda Aceh and apart from that, PIT-IABI will also join in this activity.

USK Global Award on Disaster Resilience (U-Dare) 2024

PIC: Hasnan Hanif

Timeline: January – October 2024


In order to create human resources with superior character, innovative, digitally competent, collaborative, competitive and resilient to disasters, Universitas Syiah Kuala provides opportunities for students to compete and provide innovative ideas in the disaster award competition program to increase student creativity in the field of disasters and while developing students’ soft skills and increasing awareness in terms of disaster risk reduction. Activities include Popular Scientific Writings on Disasters, Futuristic Ideas Written on Disasters, Scientific Debates on Disasters, Short Disaster Films, and Disaster Education Media. The aim of the disaster award competition is to increase students’ ability to be critical, innovative and creative in providing renewable solutions and innovations in the field of disasters.

The International Seminar Series

PIC: Ahmad Nubli Gadeng, S.Pd., M.Pd.

Timeline: March, June, August & November 2024


The main focus of the USK Tsunami Disaster Mitigation and Research Center (TDMRC) since it was first established in 2006 has been to socialize research and education activities, related to disaster risk mitigation and reduction in Indonesia and several other disaster-prone Asian countries. One of the steps taken in collaborating with researchers from outside TDMRC is holding dissemination packaged in a seminar series. The aim of implementing the tsunami seminar series is to become a forum for exchanging ideas between researchers regarding the development of the tsunami phenomenon that occurred. The activities will be held in the TDMRC USK Auditorium in Banda Aceh

National Symposium on Tsunami Disaster Mitigation 2024

PIC: Prof. Dr. Eng. Syamsidik, ST., M.Sc

Timeline: October 14 – 15, 2024


The National Symposium on Tsunami Disaster Mitigation 2024 is conducted to reassess the gaps in tsunami mitigation efforts in Indonesia. The goal of the implementation is to obtain a review of tsunami mitigation strategies, identify tsunami sources, and assess community preparedness and government capacity. The outcomes obtained from this activity are recommendations for developing mitigation efforts in Indonesia and a draft policy integration of science and technology development results. The activity will be held in the Auditorium Room of TDMRC USK in Banda Aceh

20-Years Aceh Tsunami Book

PIC: Ir. Adrian Ulza, S.T., M.Sc

Timeline: March – November, 2024


The 20-year post-tsunami journey needs to be well documented, showing the long-term progress of recovery from the Aceh tsunami and compiling important lessons from the tsunami event. Even though 20 years have passed since the tsunami, many aspects still require more attention and improvement. This book is expected to summarize the Aceh tsunami recovery process for 20 years from important aspects, such as residential planning, basic infrastructure, disaster preparedness, development of tsunami information in Aceh, and economic development of tsunami-affected areas. The aim of the activities to prepare the book 20 Years of the Aceh Tsunami is to formulate important lessons from the Aceh tsunami after 20 years have passed, report on the development of Aceh after 20 years of the tsunami from the aspects of managing residential areas affected by the tsunami, preparedness for disasters, and economic development in areas that have been affected by the tsunami and disseminate them. Documentation of Aceh’s recovery after the 2004 tsunami. The output obtained from this activity is the publication of a book on the theme of 20 years of the Aceh tsunami with a title that will be determined through an internal discussion process and activity reports on the implementation stages of activities for preparing a book on the theme of 20 years of the Aceh tsunami.

Infographics 20-Years Aceh Tsunami Book

PIC: Ismiatul Ramadhian Nur, S.T., M.Si

Timeline: March – November, 2024


This book will be specially designed with a concise visual and graphic display to describe Aceh’s journey in the two post-tsunami decades by highlighting achievements, challenges and inspiring stories from the Acehnese people who are resilient in rebuilding their lives. It is hoped that the preparation of this infographic book can provide a better understanding to the public with a readership that targets every generation. Apart from that, this book will also convey information to the younger generation about the tsunami that hit the area where they live. The infographic book 20 Years of the Aceh Tsunami aims to immortalise history, increase public awareness, inspire and lead by example, educate on disaster mitigation and increase visual literacy. The output obtained from this activity is the publication of an Infographic Book totalling 100 colourful pages containing the history, impact, recovery process and development of recovery 20 years after the Aceh Tsunami in the form of graphics and pictures as well as brief information.

Video & Film Documentary About 20-Years Aceh Tsunami

PIC: Deni Yanuar, S.IP., M.IKom

Timeline: February – December, 2024




The purpose of the Tsunami-TDMRC 20th Commemoration activities are 

Establish a forum for socialization and education, fostering community and national preparedness for disasters
Conduct a comprehensive review of tsunami mitigation strategies, identifying tsunami sources, and assessing both community preparedness and government capacity
Benchmark community readiness towards tsunamis, drawing insights from the past 20 years of tsunami experience, and formulate recommendations for effective disaster mitigation
Facilitate the strengthening of partner networks within the disaster sector, promoting strategic communication for the exchange of ideas, information, and diversity

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