MIK USK – TDMRC Public Lecture Inspires the Role of Higher Education in Community-Based Disaster Risk Management

Group photo session

Banda Aceh – Master of Disaster Science (MIK) USK and TDMRC USK organized a Public Lecture entitled The Role of Higher Education in the Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction Movement (PRBBK). The activity, which was held on Friday, December 8, 2023, presented Dr. Eko Teguh Paripurno, M.T, who is the Coordinator of the Master of Disaster Management Study Program at the National Development University “Veteran” Yogyakarta, as a speaker.

The event, which took place in the Auditorium Room of the USK TDMRC Building, was opened directly by the MIK Study Program Coordinator, Dr. Rina Suryani, S.Kep., M.Si.

“Our speaker today is very special; he received the Sasaka Award, an award given for his commitment to disaster risk reduction. He is also the father of PRBBK. So, we learn about PRBBK directly from the experts. Hopefully, we can discuss together what roles we can play in disaster risk reduction efforts, especially community-based ones.”

In his lecture, the speaker, who is more familiarly called “Kang ET,” changed the views of participants who attended both offline and online regarding disaster risk management.

“It is always mentioned that Indonesia is disaster-prone. The latest data recorded 3480 disaster events. I am not distrustful of this data, but I doubt that the more disasters recorded show our fragility in managing hazards. I believe Indonesian society is not fragile, and friends contribute to that fragility.”

Not only giving a public lecture, but Kang et al. also signed a cooperation agreement between MIK and the Master of Disaster Management UPN Yogyakarta. Through this cooperation, it is hoped that there will be many collaborative activities in education, research, and community service in disaster risk reduction.

Kang ET and Dr. Rina Suryani signed a cooperation agreement between MIK and the Master of Disaster Management UPN Yogyakarta

At the end of the event, the Director of TDMRC, Prof. Dr. Syamsidik, S.T., M.Sc., expressed his gratitude for Kang ET’s willingness to visit and give a public lecture at the TDMRC building.

Prof. Syamsidik said “thank you” for Kang ET

“Thank you to Kang ET, amid his busy schedule filling in one faculty to another, but willing to take the time to fill in here. This is an important moment; every time we meet, there are always new things we learn. Kang ET is a person who is very consistent on the issue of community-based disaster risk reduction; wherever I meet him, this issue is always raised in conversation. This is an important thing that we need to learn.”

This guest lecture activity was attended by 43 participants who attended offline and 62 participants who attended online through the Zoom meeting room. The guest lecture was attended by Dr. Muksin, M. Shi, M.Phil, and senior lecturers who also focus on the disaster field.

Prof. Muksin and Kang ET

Source: https://www.harian-ri.com/2023/12/kuliah-umum-prodi-mik-usk-tdmrc.html