Manikin Training Disaster Medicine

Banda Aceh – dr. Ichsan as the coordinator of the Health Crisis and Pandemic Management Cluster at TDMRC and his team organized a “Manikin Training Disaster Medicine” activity with Agung Gamara as the Trainer from PT Jaya Kelana Abadi Indonesia. Some of the training materials needed include:
1. CPR Training Manikin
2. CPR Family Pack
3. CPR Prompt Plus Complate
4. Life/Form Full Size Manikin
5. Multiple Casualty Simulation Kit
6. Code Blue Multipurpose Patient Simulator
7. Trauma Manikin Moulage Kit

This training aims to introduce the procedures for using disaster medicine tools and manikins, which was attended by 26 participants consisting of doctors, nurses, medical students and nursing students.