Disaster Evacuation Drills at SDN 15 Tibang

Banda Aceh FASTANA-TDMRC Universitas Syiah Kuala held a Disaster Evacuation Drills at SD N. 15 Tibang. This activity is carried out in commemoration of the International Disaster Risk Reduction Day 2022 which is commemorated every October 13. Involving teachers and students in grades 5 and 6, the activity begins with conducting a briefing first whose purpose is so that they can understand the drill scheme that will be carried out later. Under the direct direction of the disaster resilient facilitators, namely Maulana Kamal and Ihsan Perdana Putra, the briefing was carried out twice because at the initial briefing there were still many students who did not understand the disaster simulation. In the second drills, it has been seen that the students really understand the flow and direction of the drills scheme, so they managed to practice it well and correctly. Not only the students are enthusiastic, but the teachers are also very supportive of this activity. Mizanna, S.Pd., M.Pd, as the principal of SD N. 15 Tibang expressed her support for this activity. “Anak2 enjoys participating in disaster simulation drills, although there are children who are still confused and joking when practicing it. However, just now the students already understood the flow2. Hopefully in the upcoming drills the kids can be even more serious,” he said. The drills scheme carried out includes teaching and learning activities and evacuation simulations that must be carried out during an earthquake. The series of simulations carried out were when the earthquake occurred (Children panicked and were calmed by the teacher, all protected their heads and entered the table), the next stage was the poses of disaster evacuation to the temporary gathering point, checking students with censorship, searching for students who were not in the workshop, the medical team treating injured students and waiting for news from the BPBA based on the direction conveyed by the Principal, and finally eliminate the panic attack by singing and telling stories together. Maulana Kamal as the General Chairperson of FASTANA hopes that the experiences that have been gained by the teachers and students of SD N 15 Tibang, Bada Aceh can be implemented properly if an earthquake occurs. “At SD 15 Banda Aceh, it turns out that it has been equipped with several evacuation pamphlets, so this makes it easier for drills to run. Alhamdulillah, the children already understood the evacuation flow and so did the teachers. Then it is hoped that this can be an experience for them and continue to be implemented at the time of the earthquake disaster. At SD 15 Banda Aceh, it turned out to be equipped with several evacuation pamphlets, so this facilitated the running of drills”.