Hundreds of Disaster Researchers and Activists Gather at AIWEST-DR 2023, UGM-Yogyakarta

AIWEST DR 2023 Group Photo

Group Photo Session of AIWEST-DR 2023 Participants

Yogyakarta – Tsunami and Disaster Mitigation Research Center (TDMRC), Universitas Syiah Kuala (USK) successfully held the 15th Aceh International Workshop and Expo on Sustainable Tsunami Disaster Recovery (AIWEST-DR 2023) under the theme of “Adaptive and Sustainable Resilience to Disaster”. The conference aims to bring together academics, governments, and practitioners to share lessons and recent advances in multi-hazard disaster risk reduction, providing an interdisciplinary platform to further disaster scholarships and practice. This year’s conference theme coincides with the mid-term review of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and highlights reflections from post-pandemic disruption in Yogyakarta from 11-13 October 2023.

The faculty of Psychology Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) hosted 206 presenters of papers on diverse topics related to disaster issues, and disaster risk reduction (DRR) from 7 countries origin of the presenter. A full delegation from IRIDes Tohoku University (17 persons), a full Delegation from TDMRC (12 persons) and a delegation from CARI! Bencana (4 persons).

AIWEST-DR 2023 Gala Dinner

AIWEST-DR 2023 Gala Dinner

Before the opening ceremony began, all presenters were invited to a Gala Dinner held at the Hall of the Faculty of Psychology UGM to introduce the origin of each presenter as well as to get acquainted with all presenters from various countries.

Prof. Agussapti AIWEST-DR 2023

Prof. Agussapti, Vice Rector of USK Delivering Remarks

On the first day (11/10), The conference event began with a gamelan performance as a treasure of the nation’s wealth. The event was opened offline by the Rector of USK represented by the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs of USK Prof. Agussabti, M.Si., IPU and the Rector of UGM represented by Rahmat Hidayat, S.Psi., M.Si., Ph.D, Dean of the Faculty of Psychology UGM.

Rahmat Hidayat Dean Faculty UGM AIWEST-DR 2023

Rector of UGM Delivered Remarks Represented by Dean of Faculty of Psychology UGM

After the opening ceremony, then the event continued with a presentation presented by Professor Dwikorita delivered his thoughts entitled “Adaptive and Resilient Society” as the Keynote Speaker. And also invited speaker for panel session Prof. Dr. Syamsidik (Director of TDMRC USK), Stefanie Dannenmann (United Nations for Disaster Risk Reduction [UNDRR] Brussels), Dr. Raditya Jati, S.Si., M.Si (Indonesia Disaster Management Agency [BNPB]) and Emiliano Rodriguez Nuesch (Pacifico Creative Risk Communication, Argentina). 

After that, the presenters were directed to continue their presentations in the designated rooms. AIWEST-DR 2023 also provided a disaster research EXPO for visitors who wanted to see and learn about disaster. The TDMRC booth exhibited several TDMRC research tools such as miniature flumes, miniature earthquake faults and miniature building infrastructure. Other EXPOs also participated such as UGM Emergency Response Center (GER), CARI! Disaster, Smart Fog Irrigation, and other disaster research-focused products from UGM.



In addition to expo activities, AIWEST-DR also has special sessions that discuss certain topics or themes in more depth. The researchers will present their work and discuss specific issues. AIWEST-DR special session list:

Special session 1 – From Tradition to Resilience: Traditional Indigenous Insights in Community-led Disaster Risk Reduction

Special Session 2 – Exploring Sustainable System for Resilience and Innovation in Coastal Community in Indonesia

Special Session 3 – From Data to Informed-action: Harnessing Knowledge for resilient and sustainable development with CARI! Knowledge Engine

Special session 4: Leaving No One Behind: Disasters, Vulnerability, and Social Inclusion in Japan, Indonesia and their partners

Special session 5: Dissemination of University Network for Disaster Risk Reduction in Indian Ocean Rim (UN4DRR) in Indonesia

On the second day (12/10) of AIWEST-DR 2023 presented Prof. Shinichi Kuriyama (Director of International Research Institute of Disaster Science – IRIDes Tohoku University) as the Keynote Speaker. On this day, presentations from the participants were also still ongoing in their respective rooms. The audience was very enthusiastic in asking questions and listening to the researchers’ presentations. In addition, the special session is also still ongoing. In the evening, the AIWEST-DR 2023 committee invited the participants to attend the Conference Dinner and Ramayana Dance at Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta. During the dinner, we were presented with a traditional Ramayana dance. In that dance, we got a valuable moral message.

On the third day (13/10), the committee invited the presenters to do a field trip with a disaster theme. During the field trip, we were taught about how the village of Ambarrukma, located in the province of Yogyakarta, deals with floods. Wh.en we arrived at our destination, we were greeted by PB Palma and the Gadjah Wong River Community. They gave us a brief introduction about the situation of the people around the Gadjah Wong River during the heavy rain.

Field Trip AIWEST-DR 2023

During Field Trip AIWEST-DR 2023 at Gadjah Wong River

Sometimes the river will overflow, which will cause flooding in the homes of local residents. Therefore, the Gadjah Wong River Community shares their knowledge about how to save local residents from flooding. They also have an Early Warning System (EWS), which is a tool to notify the surrounding community if the river starts to overflow.

After the field trip, participants were directed to attend the closing ceremony of AIWEST DR 2023. Pradytia Pertiwi, Chairperson of AIWEST-DR 2023, thanked the participants who had come all the way from all over the world and were very enthusiastic to come to UGM, Indonesia. She said, she hoped the AIWEST-DR conference could increase collaboration and cooperation, especially in the field of disaster management.

AIWEST DR 2023 Syamsidik

Prof. Syamsidik delivered the closing remarks

In his closing remarks, Prof. Dr. Syamsidik, director of TDMRC USK, said that the 16th AIWEST-DR  in  2024 will be held again in Aceh as well as to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the tsunami that hit Aceh Province.


AIWEST-DR 2024 to be held next year

“So far, some of the options that have been seen as the venue for the 16th AIWEST-DR in 2024 will be at Universitas Syiah Kuala, Banda Aceh” explained Syamsidik.

Marini Koto from the Universitas Syiah Kuala won the Best Presentation. Meanwhile, the article presented by Adrian Ulza from TDMRC USK, entitled “Closing the Resilience Gap: A Preliminary Study on Establishing the National Fragility Curve Catalog for Multi-Hazard Assessment in Indonesia” came out as the Best Paper.

AIWEST DR 2023 Marini Koto

Marini Koto Won the “Best Presenter”

AIWEST DR 2023 Adrian Ulza

Adrian Ulza Won “the Best Paper”

All articles that successfully pass the review and revision process will be published with the following Journals and proceeding to publish accepted papers from AIWEST-DR 2023:

  1. E3S Web of Conferences is an open-access publication series dedicated to archiving conference proceedings in all areas related to Environment, Energy and Earth Sciences.
  2. International Journal of Disaster Management (IJDM) is an open-access, peer-reviewed international journal that focuses on minimizing the impact of disasters. Published three times a year (April, August, and December), IJDM serves as a platform for discussions and critical analysis of various aspects of disaster management.
  3. Narra J is a multidisciplinary journal and has been accepted for coverage in the Scopus in March 2023. It publishes three issues annually, April, August, and December. Narra J adopts a continuous publishing scheme where accepted articles will be added as soon as when ready to be published.

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