TDMRC USK Research Team Engages in FGD with Ambon City Mayor’s Representative

TDMRC USK Research Team Engages in FGD with Ambon City Mayor's Representative

Ambon, 27 September 2023 – In a significant move aimed at bolstering the resilience of Ambon City against the looming threat of tsunami hazards, Pj. Mayor Bodewin M. Wattimena inaugurated a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) titled “Spatial Planning Aspects and Preparedness of Ambon City Against Tsunami Hazards.” The FGD is expected to pave the way for collaborative disaster mitigation efforts involving various stakeholders.

Addressing a diverse audience comprising government officials, NGOs, academics, and more, Mayor Wattimena emphasised the necessity of united action in reducing disaster risks and minimising their devastating impact, both in terms of lives and property.

“This FGD serves as a call to action for all stakeholders, be it the government, NGOs, academics, or even the media, to collectively devise mitigation strategies,” remarked Mayor Wattimena during the opening of the event. He underscored the shared responsibility of all parties in fostering community resilience to disasters.

Wattimena stressed that while the city of Ambon is susceptible to disasters, comprehensive mitigation planning, public education, and counseling can significantly reduce the inherent risks. He acknowledged the contributions of academics and NGOs in mapping and raising public awareness, while highlighting the municipal government’s commitment to bolstering critical infrastructure.

“This discussion is a crucial step toward preparing a comprehensive strategy to address the Tsunami hazard,” said Mayor Wattimena. “Together, we can build a safer future for our city.”

Notably, this FGD represents a vital component of ongoing research collaboration between TDMRC USK and Pattimura University in Ambon, demonstrating a concerted effort to safeguard the city’s future against natural disasters.