Webinar “Program Learning and Tool Launch PREPARED”

Banda Aceh – In building community preparedness, aspects of psychological preparedness are needed as well as physical preparedness. However, psychological preparedness is rarely emphasized in building preparedness efforts. In fact, higher levels of psychological or mental preparedness are associated with better physical preparedness, more effective post-disaster stress management and reduced likelihood of experiencing mental health problems afterwards (Roudini et al, 2017). To date, there is very little literature that discusses psychological disaster preparedness, especially in the Indonesian context.

The Psychological Preparedness or PREPARED Project is a collaboration between the Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Gadjah Mada, the Tsunami Disaster Research Mitigation Center (TDMRC), Universitas Syiah Kuala, Banda Aceh, and Mamuju Health Polytechnic. The project is funded by the Australian Government through the Alumni Grant Scheme administered by Australia Awards in Indonesia. PREPARED Project aims to find out more about what and how the concept of psychological preparedness of Indonesian people towards disasters. After a series of literature reviews, it was found that there are 15 factors that are aspects of the psychological disaster preparedness of Indonesian people. These findings were then used to develop a psychological preparedness measurement tool, the PREPARED Tool.

This tool was then tested in 3 districts/cities, namely Banda Aceh City, Sleman Regency, and Mamuju Regency. The pilot test successfully reached 704 respondents in the 3 regions, including respondents who were categorized as vulnerable groups. The trial also provided an initial or baseline picture of the community’s psychological preparedness for disasters in the 3 regions.

To conclude the PREPARED Project, a webinar was held to (1) share the findings and lessons learned from the research related to disaster psychological preparedness of communities at risk of disasters in Indonesia, and (2) formally socialize the PREPARED tool as the first instrument developed in Indonesia to understand the level of disaster psychological preparedness and the findings of the field test of the tool from the three regions.

The launch of the PREPARED tool was opened by the Australian Embassy representative, Ms. Sarah Stein (Acting Conseulor Development Effectiveness and Sustainability). Launch of PREPARED Tools by leaders of three PREPARED Project partner organizations: Mr. Rahmat Hidayat, PhD – Dean of Faculty of Psychology UGM Prof. Syamsidik – Director of TDMRC USK Mr. H. Andi Salim, M.Kes – Director of Poltekkes Kemenkes Mamuju.
While the material presentation was delivered by the Preparedness Division of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB Indonesia), represented by Mr. Firza. Dr. Pradytia Putri Pertiwi, PREPARED Project team leader explained PREPARED Project learning, including the process and results of the Psychological Disaster Preparedness project for the Indonesian Context, followed by BPBD responses from the Head of BPBD Mamuju, Head of BPBD Banda Aceh City, and Head of BPBD DIY.

The launch of the PREPARED Project was attended by more than 80 online participants from various regions throughout Indonesia. This webinar is equipped with 3 language facilities, Indonesian, English and Sign Language Interpreter (JBI) for deaf disability groups (RR).


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