Mangrove Planting by FASTANA TDMRC

Press release of mangrove planting FASTANA TDMRC

Aceh Besar – Penguatan Kapasitas Organisasi Kemahasiswaan Program Team  (PPK Ormawa) from FASTANA-TDMRC Syiah Kuala  University carried out mangrove  planting in  Kajhu Village, Aceh Besar on  Sunday (04/09/2022).

Mangrove planting is one of  a series of activities of PPK Ormawa FASTANA-TDMRC Syiah Kuala University.  The purpose  of naming this mangrove  is to rehabilitate damaged ecosystems, prevent abrasion, and reduce water  pollution.

The head of the ORMAWA FASTANA-TDMRC  PPK  team group, Hasnan Hanif, said that the  mangrove planting carried out by FASTANA  aims to reduce disaster riskand  control climate change, especially in Aceh. Great. Hasnan also said that this activity is a form of  concern for the  younger generation for  the surrounding environment.

Hasnan also said that there are still several series of Ormawa PPK  activities that will be carried out by the team from FASTANA, such as earthquake   and tsunami  disaster mitigation education and  making corners  read in  elementary school, and provide   simulations of earthquake and tsunami  disasters to elementary school children as the successors of the  resilient generation in the face of  future disasters  .

As is well known, geographically and geologically, the State of Indonesia is vulnerable to disasters because it is located in the meeting zone of the world’s large plates. With the habit of planting mangrove  trees or other trees, we can reduce the risk of disasters, both bencana alam and non-natural disasters in Indonesia.


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