Festerization by FASTANA TDMRC

Fastana TDMRC

Aceh Besar – FASTANA-TDMRC Universitas Syiah Kuala, in the Penguatan Kapasitas Organisasi Kemahasiswaan Program  (PPK Ormawa), carried out educational activities on earthquake and tsunami disaster mitigation at SD Negeri Kajhu, Aceh Besar.  This activity was guided by 12 students from FASTANA-TDMRC, and was attended by more than 60 students of class VI of SD Negeri Kajhu on Saturday (10/09/2022).

Hasnan Hanif, as the  head of the group, said that this activity was one of  a series of activities of the ORMAWA FASTANA-TDMRC PPK Universitas Syiah Kuala called Fasterization, or  FASTANA Action For Disaster Mitigation. This activity will be carried out every week, in each different school.

Fastana TDMRC

Hasnan also said that there are still several series of Ormawa PPK activities that will be carried out by the team from FASTANA, such as planting mangroves, creating reading corners in elementary schools, and providing simulations of dealing with earthquake and tsunami disasters to elementary school children so that they can become resilient generations facing disasters in the future.

Previously, PPK Ormawa was one of the implementations of the Ministry of Education and Culture’s policy which aimed to improve the performance of universities in strengthening the capacity of student organizations to become competent, modern, characterful and love organizations for the country.


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