Geohazard Division Holds Guest Lecture with the Theme “Earth Modeling System”

TDMRC Geohazards Division

Banda Aceh – Divison of Geohazards TDMRC (Tsunami and Disaster Mitigation Research Center) USK (Universitas Syiah Kualaa) held a seminar with the theme “Earth Modeling System” on the 3rd Floor Auditorium TDMRC USK on Thursday, May 2, 2024. The guest lecture was delivered by two Italian professors, Prof. Angelo Rubino and Prof. Davide Zanchettin, both from the Department of Environmental Science, Informatics and Statistics, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. Prof. Muksin, as Deputy Director of TDMRC USK, welcomed and opened the Guest Lecture, which students and lecturers from Syiah Kuala University attended. The Guest Lecture was moderated by Prof. Nazli Ismail, who is one of the lecturers at the Department of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA), USK and also as one of the researchers at Geohazard TDMRC USK. Prof. Angelo Rubino delivered a presentation on Intrinsic and Remotely Induced Variability in the Mediterranean Sea or “Inflate Uncertainties”. He said that at present, the earth is facing global warming, which is causing sea levels to rise. Its complex systems show increasing uncertainty. Scientists are discovering the challenges of today’s oceans.

Prof. Davide Zanchettin continued the second session with the material Indonesian Volcanoes Critical for Climate Variability: An Earth System Modeling Perspective.

Prof. Davide Zanchettin revealed that volcanic eruptions are a source of sulfur in the stratosphere. They have direct effects on radiation scattering and solar irradiation and indirect effects on clouds through aerosols. Volcanic eruptions are the dominant natural cause of externally imposed climate change on annual and multi-decade time scales.

The more complex the model, the more climate model uncertainty. Climate history and other forcing factors also determine the diversity of responses. Dynamic responses are evident even in the case of super-eruptions. Volcanic eruptions play a major role in climate change.